We're a growth firm.

We are RocketLawnchair.

We help companies get to places they might not otherwise get to on their own. By helping them gain the confidence of knowing where their growth will come from. Because companies that are growing are good for people and the world. Companies that aren’t, aren’t. The unknown is always scary, but you still have to go.

Some of the many ways we can help

Strategic position. Research. Branding. Data-driven demand generation. Marketing pilot programs. Sales team education. Corporate culture. Print. Digital. Video. Direct. PR. Trade show. 

  • To be frank, meeting with your team was a bit like business therapy.

    Director Business Development
  • If we don’t solve this problem, I’m not even certain we’ll have a viable business.

  • What I really need help with is sleeping better at night.

    VP Operations
  • I’m not certain we have anyone on our team today that can engage with the new markets we have to serve.

    General Manager
  • Today, we still work with the customer of yesterday. We need to figure out ‘who cares’ for tomorrow.


Let's Cut the Crap.

Helping companies grow is complex and organic. It requires a set of unique talents, a good process and fearless people who understand the business of business.

In our experience, your ability to control growth is the product of your ability to answer six questions. We surround your company with teams that guide you through each process to align these essential disciplines.

(Now working from an energizing downtown Milwaukee location.)