The people RocketLawnchair serves are all grappling with tough business questions. How can we keep growing? What’s the right sales and marketing strategy? How do I get buy-in and alignment? What can I really do within this budget? How do I know if it’s working – and what if it isn’t? You’re accountable for answers. RocketLawnchair is here to help you see the way forward.

Who we are.

We believe that helping you grow today takes something more than the typical marketing communications and advertising agency. It’s difficult for any one individual to help you confront barriers to growth and see your way through the complex questions you face. It’s even harder without the sharp lens of business experience. So we’ve built a fast-moving team that tackles every challenge together – from multiple, seasoned perspectives.

We work hard at working together across these four disciplines, and we’re always adapting, so that we can continue to execute strategies that help you move forward. Because today’s world, and your challenges, demand it.


Account management.

People with business experience whose job is not just to serve you – but think and move like you, too.


• Account planning
• Content mapping
• Project management
• Budget management
• Trend analysis


Market intelligence.

A team that relentlessly challenges, validates and improves by studying data from multiple systems.


• Multi-platform analytics and measurement
• Prospect list building and maintenance
• Call team – candid voice of customer insights
• Lead management
• Primary and secondary research



Pursuing your most profitable approach by aligning and continuously optimizing disparate digital platforms.


• CRM integration
• Front- and back-end development
• Marketing automation/email marketing
• PPC, SEO and social media campaigns
• Web development


Full-service creative.

Ideas that are always judged on the ability to drive growth and advance real objectives.


• Integrated campaigns
• Content strategy and development
• Brand architecture
• Sales collateral
• Video


Your work, as well as ours, is judged on performance. And in most cases, the measuring stick is leads. But often, the real action lies underneath – in exploring where leads come from and why, and what we can do to drive stronger opportunities. Leads are important, but they won’t necessarily ease your worries. RocketLawnchair uncovers insights that create greater confidence.

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The more you let RocketLawnchair in, the more opportunities we can create. If you’re interested in how this comes to life or what we can help you achieve, drop us a line and we’ll find a time to show you some examples.

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